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Makeup mostly scrubbed and a teeny weeny afro forming a halo around her face, she is finally, fully herself. This literal disrobing, she has said, prompted an unexpected revelation that would go on to shape her life and her art.

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Cuz I Love You , her first full-length on Atlantic, is something of a thesis on internalized and externalized confidence—so much so that the music can feel like a means to a greater end. Lizzo is clearly a talent.

Lizzo faced a minor scandal last year when she allowed one of her songs to be used in a campaign for Weight Watchers. Looking now, they tell you: this person is dead.

Louis CK struggles to separate the art from the artist in I Love You, Daddy

Once, more than this person is going to die, they said you are watching this person die. They are images of a walking death where eros and thanatos are not at odds but complimentary, a life strung together from death and more death until you run out of death and die.

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Bring your camera, along with a friend may be, it will be fun. Photography workshops and photo walks for young photographers were conducted in summers.

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The workshop facilitated a dialogue on the aesthetics of photography, using photography to tell stories of culture and heritage and celebrating Lahore. The young photographer work will be exhibited later this year in a public photo exhibition. Lahore I Love You. Our Senses and Nature.