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The Curious Case of Billy Meier and the Pleiadians

Another interesting case is that involving a former military airman named Charles Hall. His encounters with Tall Whites occurred during a two year duty assignment at Nellis Air Force Base from to There is now available a series of books that can be purchased entitled Millennial Hospitality. Charles Hall waited 20 years after he left the Air Force before he began writing down his experiences with the Tall Whites.

He waited another 20 years before he published them as fiction, but he reversed himself and began telling people they were actually true, i. There is also the possibility he might have lost any monies coming to him from his former military position in the manner of benefits. Charles Hall described the Tall Whites as appearing quite human looking in some respects and standing between six and seven feet 1.

He said they had chalk white coloured skin and their physique appeared frail and thin.

They apparently live much, much longer than humans and supposedly reach even taller heights later in their lives; as much as nine feet 2. Their speech is somewhat similar to what we come across in other reports of suspected Tall Whites. One of the most interesting pieces of technology he spoke about, at least as it relates to the Experiencer encounters, is a pencil-like tool Hall said is used as a weapon.

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Hall said it could stun and even kill a Human being by using focused microwaves. Many Abductee-Experiencers, including researchers such as Dr. David Jacobs and the late Budd Hopkins and Dr. Karla Turner have reported these bruises sometimes with pinholes inside of them over the past three decades. Here are photographs of the physical after effects the HR Team believes these devices leave behind when they are used to stun or control subjects. A slightly edited synopsis follows:. I jumped back against the side of my truck and about 15 feet away stood three people staring at me that had not been there prior to this incident.

There were two very attractive women and one very tall man who was at least ten feet tall. All of them had blonde hair that was almost white, and blue eyes. You have an important role to play if you would like to help us.

Eventually I woke up around two thirty, laying about thirty feet away from my last remembered position at the side of my truck. An extremely well researched case by Colin Andrews is excerpted below from his article entitled The Silbury Hill Stargate? The apparent fast pace at which these beings moved is emphasized below. At first he thought they were forensic officers as they were dressed in white coveralls. He stopped his car and approached the field. The figures were all over 6ft and had blond hair.

They seemed to be inspecting the crop. This crackling noise seemed to be running through the field and the crop was moving gently close to where the noise was moving. He felt the hair on his arms and back of his neck raise up. He shouted to the figures who at first ignored him, not glancing at him.

When he tried to enter the field they looked up and began running. I looked away for a second and when I looked back they were gone. I then got scared. The noise was still around, but I got an uneasy feeling and headed for the car. Tall Whites Update. Curious interaction with a group of Tall Whites, published Click on Image. Another account involving the Tall Whites. A report involving Tall Whites with blue skin can be read by clicking on the image on the left.

These crop circles were discovered in the same vacinity as the Tall Whites with blue skin in We hope this window into the Tall Whites has been educational. The reports referenced in this article may not all be related to the same species, and some may in fact refer to Blond Nordics, The Pleiadians or perhaps to a type of Hybrid being. There is indeed some overlap in the descriptions and activities of Tall Whites and Blond Nordics and it would be beneficial for readers to refer to the Blond Nordic page on this site for further information.

Of course, these are by no means the only examples of interaction between Humans and Tall White beings, so we encourage you to educate yourself about the contact which continues to occur on our planet. Remember, there is a lot of misinformation false or inaccurate information that is spread unintentionally as well as disinformation false information that is spread intentionally on the Internet, so seek wisely.

You can augment your knowledge by reading the information which follows. Access our Menu Bar or Continue Reading Other links to open source images can be found in the Sources below. Books are available. Shaw and a Companion [Camille Spooner]. Whether or not there really is such a contrivance navigating the air the Mail is unable to satisfactorily determine, but some of the papers have taken the matter seriously and others have been disposed to make light of the statements.

A couple of San Francisco attorneys have secured a lot of free advertising by claiming to have clients who have invented and tested successful flying ships, and the newspapers have filled several columns talking about the aerial mystery. Shaw of this city, formerly of the Mail editorial staff. Colonel Shaw is at present engaged in collecting an exhibit for the Stockton Commercial Association to be displayed at the Citrus Fair which will be held in Fresno during the coming month.

The gentleman was very reticent about relating the circumstance, as he said he had no idea that it would believed by anyone, and he was loath to appear before the public as a romancer or as a man who had looked upon shoe-string when it was red. Wednesday afternoon I went out to Lodi and Lockeford in company with Camille Spooner, a young man recently arrived from Nevada. I went to the places mentioned in quest of material to form an exhibit to represent this county at the Fresno Citrus Fair.

They resembled humans in many respects, but still they were not like anything I had ever seen. They were nearly or quite seven feet high and very slender. We were both somewhat startled, as you may readily imagine, and the first impulse was to drive on. The horse, however, refused to budge, and when we saw that we were being regarded more with an air of curiosity than anything else, we concluded to get out and investigate.

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I walked up to where the strange looking persons were and addressed them. I asked where they were from. Their remarks, if such you would call them, were addressed to each other, and sounded like a monotonous chant, inclined to be guttural. I saw it was no use to attempt a conversation, so I satisfied myself with watching and examining them.

They seemed to take great interest in ourselves, the horse and buggy, and scrutinized everything very carefully. As I have already stated, they were seven feet in height and very slender. I noticed, further, that their hands were quite small and delicate, and that their fingers were without nails. Their feet, however, were nearly twice as long as those of an ordinary man, though they were narrow, and the toes were also long and slender. I noticed, too, that they were able to use their feet and toes much the same as a monkey; in fact, they appeared to have much better use of their feet than their hands.

I presently discovered that this was probably a provision of nature. As one of then came close to me I reached out to touch him, and placing my hand under his elbow pressed gently upward, and lo and behold I lifted him from the ground with scarcely an effort. I should judge that the specific gravity of the creature was less than an ounce. It was then that I observed him try to grasp the earth with his toes to prevent my lifting him. You can readily understand that their slight weight made such a provision necessary, or they might be blown away.

Each of them had swung under the left arm a bag to which was attached a nozzle, and every little while one or the other would place the nozzle on his mouth, at which time I heard a sound of escaping gas. In appearance they were markedly the contrary. They were possessed of a strange and indescribable beauty. It is the lights they carried. There, resting in the air about twenty feet above the water, was an immense airship. It was feet in length at least, though probably not over twenty feet in diameter at the widest part.

There are also probably a very large number, at least as many as visible stars, of nearly-invisible infra-red or brown dwarf proto-stars of various kinds and sizes scattered throughout the vast expanse of rotating galactic mega-star-clusters.

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There are also many smaller companion galaxies of our two large, nearly sibling galaxies, perhaps as many as thirty, which are gravitationally and electromagnetically entangled. And of course there are an unknown but very large number of galaxies to be seen in every direction of the vast cosmos, which appears virtually unlimited. It was less than a hundred years ago that we realized that those fuzzy spots, appearing in the most powerful telescopes of the day like Palomar, were indeed galaxies like ours, often millions of light years away.

The number of planets in the Milky Way Galaxy probably numbers at least in the high single-digit billions.