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Les Petits Canards

When you think about all of the benefits and how enjoyable cooking can be this is really something I feel strongly about promoting in my girls. I think that by showing them how to make healthy meals they will have a better relationship with food as they grow older. Not to mention being able to make an amazing birthday cake that tastes better than a store-bought cake….

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Les petites anecdotes

You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Search for:. What are your favorite things to cook with your petites? But one day, she sold me to a Portuguese merchant.

And here I am on a boat, sailing towards the Old Continent! It was injured, so I healed it. Quickly, she shared all my adventures.

Because my life has been incredible! From Cuba to Paris, including Bilbao, discover the heart-rending destiny of Rafael, known as Chocolat, the very first black clown who be successful in Europe. A story that has recently been adapted for film in the eponym movie Monsieur Chocolat , played by Omar Sy, that children will have the pleasure to rediscover through this novel. She will be taken care of by Master Isaac and his Apprentice Colin and introduced to the cornerstones of artistic expression.

Every year, good coconuts kill more people around the world than sharks, for example. Pramot, the guy who holds Tabaek View Point where I live, is a policeman. He started his small business of bungalows six years ago with his Japanese wife, Kazuyo. He is an adorable talker, who goes out of his way to help his clientele.

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His job at the police station takes him up to four hours a day This is to say if the crime is developed on this island. He came to live here because life is easier and easier than in Phuket, and he gets the same salary. He does not like the city.

Yesterday, as I rather wanted earthly adventures as you know bullfighting with rice buffaloes, meeting with the native market, hide and seek with mosquitoes under rubber trees , I even declined his invitation to a free BBQ party for lunch, on the small island opposite. Pramot offers crabs and grilled fish on the beach, those who stay more than five days at home This was the case of a couple of Swiss Germans and a German. He offered me to join them, "for free".

Really nice. I hope I did not get too upset by refusing. But as I'm going on a boat and in the water for four days, that I've already offered myself a ride in the bay, it did not tell me anything to go back on a long-tail boat, to hear German talk during the walk, the swimming and the lunch People who looked kind, moreover, but older than me, and with whom I did not feel at first hooked atoms.

It's always like that, when traveling alone. Everyone wants to invite you to join a group, an activity, a meal. The day before, I had already refused a snorkeling tour organized by Koh Yao Bungalows with a family of Germans, still It is not always easy to make people understand, with good intentions, that you do not necessarily want to have company. Haaaaa the Germans, they travel everywhere with the Dutch too!

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It looks very nice your little island, much less touristy than phi phi, lanta and company! And we have the good fortune to benefit by ricochet of your escapades. I returned from a performance of the circus Medrano, there were several numbers of high level including the Tibetan martial arts, bikers crazy in their cage, trapeze artists.

By the way, today it was really cold. Keep us dreaming. No but wait, walking under a coconut tree is an adventure in itself!

Me too when I travel alone, I alternate between moments of sociability and loneliness. Nothing like finding your own rhythm. To listen to his desires, for once.

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And take lots of great photos! Laurence: Alas, my miserable device released me for good from the second day of the cruise.

Les Petites Abeilles x YOOX

But I managed to do a lot of photos the first day, and to borrow a small Powershot S30 with his box, then. Not as good as mine, with batteries that do not last, but I still managed to shoot naked underwater You'll see, I'll deliver pictures in a future post. The torture is soon over!!!

Marie-net: Well, I'm here in Phuket, but I only spend one night, very short, on my liveaboard return.